Hello PreK Students and Families!

Have a nice E-Learning Day at home!

Please sign in to SeeSaw on any device you have at home with the code that was sent home to you and complete the SeeSaw activities in your journal!

SeeSaw Activity Page

If you can not access SeeSaw please have your child- 

1. Ask your child to sing the ABC Song, count to 10 or as high as they can go, and read a book with someone. 

    Help your child count all of the doors in your house, and go on a letter, number, and shape search around your house. On a piece of paper, please help your child write down the number of doors they found, 5 numbers, 5 letters, and 5 shapes that they find, where they found them, and send it to school the next day. 

2. Ask your child to Write or Trace their name 3 times on a piece of paper. Extra Challenge- Try to write Mom and Dad too. 

 On the same paper- Ask them to draw a picture of themselves showing 3 things they did or played with on the E-learning day.

(Please write their story about their picture on the bottom and send their paper back to school to share it on the next in- person school day)

3. Ask your child to build or make something with anything that is in their home and email a picture of it to me to share on the next in person school day!

Extra challenge- make a pattern in their creation.

4. Give your child 2 paper plates to stand on and have them go "ice-skating" around your house!