​​​​​​            Grass Lake Athletics

Our purpose is to provide athlete with the opportunity to have a safe, positive experience that builds self-confidence, teamwork, and provide life skills.


Physicals are required for all students if they are going to participate in the athletics. This is to be completed before the first game. A permission is needed before a student can attend practice. For parents of 6th graders, you don't need to have another physical beyond the one your child had gotten to enter 6th grade. Physicals are good for 1 calendar year after that visit.  5th grade students will need a sports physical. You can get theses forms by clicking on the link to the left "Athletic Forms" menu.

Fees - to be paid before the first game.

The sport fee is $70 per athlete for each sport. After your child has participated in 2 sports in the same school year, there will be no fee charged for any other sports. For families with 2 or more students playing on our teams, the cap is $210. Once that amount has been reached, there will not be any more fees charged.
If fees and physicals are not turned in, your child will not be allowed to play in any game. Please contact Ms. Juszczyk or Ms. Potthast if you have questions about this.

Eligibility - checked every week

Our athletics are STUDENTS first. Your child must maintain a cumulative GPA of 2.0 (C) in all classes per week. If your child receives an "F" grade in any class, they will become ineligible to play for the next week. Grades are checked on Thursday's after school. If a student is placed on the eligibility list they must attend after school tutoring for the week of they are ineligible, no exceptions! This does include any weekend tournaments or competitions that the team may be involved. Once our child's weekly grade rises over the 2.0 GPA, they will be allowed to play in the upcoming week. Eligibility runs from Saturday to Friday.

Addtional Information

Forms/Fee Requirements: In order to become a part of the team, students must have an up-to-date physical on file in the office, have a signed permission form/student code of conduct, and have paid a $70 athletic fee before they can participate in a game or uniform given.
Schedule: Grass Lake School Athletics are part of the Lakes Region Athletic Conference. Practice is held every Monday-Friday either AM or PM. AM practices start at 6-7:30 am or after-school from 3:15-5:00pm.
Games: Are usually scheduled to begin at 4:30 P.M. and are dependent on weather as determined by athletic administration. The program schedule are given to student athletes as hard copy the first day of practice, as well as can be found on the school website calendar.
Attendance: Student athletes are expected to be present for all practices and games. Any violation/failure to provide notice of an absence can result in a loss of playing time and possible suspension from the team. If a student athlete MUST miss a practice or a game, an email to the coaching staff is required at least 24 hours in advance.
Conduct: Being a member of the GLS Athletic Department is a privilege. We expect all of our athletes to exhibit an exemplary attitude as students, as athletes, and as people. Our program is designed to teach our student athletes hard work and respect. Any behaviors that go against these traits could result in a loss of playing time.
Eligibility: This should not be an issue if every student is doing their best in school. If a student is ineligible, then he or she is required to attend tutoring sessions after school every day for the week of ineligibility, and it could affect his or her playing time for the remainder of the season.