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Welcome to a new school year. Let's make this a happy, healthy, and safe year.

Please remember that all students entering Kindergarten require a physical, eye exam, and dental exam. All students entering 2nd grade require a dental exam. And all students entering 6th grade require a physical and a dental exam. 

Any students new to the district will also need to supply a physical.

State law requires exclusion from school of any students that are not compliant with the physical and immunizations requirements by October 15th.

A few things to remember as we start the year:

If your child requires medication at school we will need a new permission form filled out for this school year. All medication needs to be brought in by the parents and delivered to the office. Please don't send medicine with your child. The medicine will need to be in the original packaging with the doctor's order on the medicine.

If your child requires an inhaler please make sure to get those into the office as soon as possible.Fall allergies will be kicking in soon and we don't want to get caught without an inhaler. The same holds true with Epi Pens. 

As always, please talk to your child about the importance of not sharing hats and hairbrushes. Now that all the students are back together at school it' s time to share germs, bugs, and all. Let's keep that to a minimum.  

Please call me at 847-603-5112 or email me with any questions or health concerns regarding your child.