PreK Schedule 

AM School Day: M-F- 9:00- 11:30 am

Early Release days: (usually one Wednesday a month)  is 9:00-10:30 am.

PM School day: M-F -12:15-2:45 pm. 

Early Release days: (usually one Wednesday a month) is 11:30-1:00 pm. 

Please check the school website/calendar if there are changes to these dates. 

Our half day schedule in PreK is very busy and we try to keep to the same routine each day as much as possible.

  • All class Restroom Break
  • Table Time Activities -we use manipulatives, work in our journals, or play puzzles or games that review the skills and concepts for Letters, Sounds, Numbers, Counting Skills, Colors, Shapes, Patterns, Sequences, Rhyming, Writing, or Fine Motor and Large Motor Development.  

  • Name Recognition Sign In/Book Look- we practice writing our names daily using lower case letters as we see and find them in print and then explore with books in all genres. 

  • Large group Circle Time/Song/Poem/Story - discussion for problem solving of social issues, calendar math skills and weather checks, letter and sound identification and review, counting and number identification, shapes and patterns, and a story/discussion  for the particular Unit of Study.

Pre-K Schedule Continued:

  • Specials and Reading Buddies- Mondays, Thursdays
  • Fridays -Show and Tell  
  • Choice Time Centers - Blocks and Building,Tools, Science/Stem, Math, Writing, Art, Sensory, Doll House, Kitchen Dramatic Play, Puppets, Small Group Exploration and RevClean Up/ Snack Time
  • Recess - outdoors to the playground, or if too wet or cold- doing dance activities or large motor motions indoors.


Art -  Mondays  

Reading Buddies - Mondays (PM class)

Music - Thursdays