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IT Manager - Trisha Giombetti


One to World Technology

  The GLS board provides its students access to a variety of technological resources. These resources provide opportunities to enhance learning and improve communication within the school community and with the larger global community. Grass Lake School will implement the One to World Technology Resources Policies within the requirements provided in the Local School Board Policies governing Technology Devices for Instructional Use.

    * All students will be issued a personal device and accessories for instructional use.
    * Teachers will send the device home with students for instructional use. This will occur at the discretion of the classroom teacher.
    * The student devices are educational tools with apps chosen by grade level teachers. These apps are engaging and support student exploration and creation. The natural curiosity of students to explore after school hours is not hindered by the school day. Apps that are introduced in the classroom can be explored at home.
    * The devices will allow students to comply with homework requirements, conduct research, and connect with Google classrooms for peer and teacher collaboration on assignments given.
    * Personal devices and accessories are subject to change at the discretion of the district administration.

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