Project-Based Learning (PBL)

What is PBL?

PBL (Project-Based Learning) is an instructional approach intended to give students the opportunity to deepen knowledge and skills by engaging in a real-world challenge or problem.

A PBL classroom has teachers that pose problems that generate questions that need to be solved together. Using the “Driving Question” as the jumping off place, the students dive into the problem with the goal of producing a solution that takes research to a deeper level and that is shared publicly.

What are the Essential Elements of PBL?

Essential Elements of PBL

A true PBL classroom works to solve the problem presented together and/or in groups. Teachers give access to resources both through print, video, hands on experiences, interviewing individuals, visiting off-site locations to engage and expand the depth of learning and student responsibility.

Gold Standards for High-Quality PBL

Standards have been established by PBL Works. Teachers at Grass Lake School are committed to working towards these standards. Professional development has been the primary focus since 2021 

  • Training for the entire staff began August 2021
  • First Adopters Showcase January 2022
  • All staff Showcase May 2022
  • All staff Showcase December 2022
  • All staff Showcase May 2023
  • All staff Showcase with the Fine Arts Festival December 2023
  • All staff Showcase May 2024

Want to know more about PBL?
Watch this 2 ½  minute video