After School Guided Study

Students who attend can benefit through:

Homework Help

  • Certified teachers can help students with homework questions and reteach specific concepts that may be unclear.
  • Students are provided a quiet space to concentrate on schoolwork.
  • Great routine helps students complete homework right away before they get home for the day/prior to the weekend to accommodate busy evening schedules.
  • Study assistance for tests – teachers can drill and/or run through flashcards with students to help remember key concepts.

Access to School Resources

  • Students can utilize computers, iPads, printers, WiFi in order to complete class assignments.
  • Textbooks, notes, and other supplies are readily available without having to bring home heavy, loaded down backpacks.

Working With Peers

  • Whether as part of a group assignment or simply collaborative learning, students have ample space to work with their classmates on class assignments.

Additional Perks!

  • After school snacks provided
  • After school activity bus can bring students home at 5:00 (Click HERE for required paperwork)

If you are interested in having your child participate in after school guided study, please contact the Main Office.