Grass Lake PTO Officers

Amy Cromwell - President
Angela Conrad - Vice President
Laura Marcomb - Secretary
Treasurer - Open

Treasurer's Job Description (from website):

The PTO treasurer is the custodian of the parent group’s funds. The treasurer helps develop the budget, collects fundraising money, writes checks for purchases and reimbursements, tracks income and spending, makes financial reports, and organizes the books for annual audit. As a member of the executive board, the treasurer represents the parent group, and thus her actions reflect upon the reputation of the group and the school.


  • Desires to serve the PTO, the school, and ultimately the students
  • Computer literate—must know how to use Excel and Quicken or be willing to learn
  • Appreciates the value and power of a balanced budget
  • Appreciates the value of a paper trail; willing to follow through on tight financial controls
  • Honest, organized, and tenacious; not put off by paperwork, forms, documents, numbers
  • “In touch” with school activities and PTO business, or wants to become in touch
  • Understands that this role is the custodian of other peoples’ money

Time Commitment:

  • Board meeting monthly
  • General PTO meetings monthly
  • Most work can be done on your own schedule

Typical Monthly Responsibilities:

  • Post financial transactions to our financial system as they occur throughout month
  • Create monthly PTO treasurer reports (transaction report, performance to budget report)
  • Reconcile checkbook
  • Write checks as needed (two signatures and proper paperwork required)
  • Make deposits in a timely fashion, as needed • Keep financial transaction forms available for all volunteers
  • Preserve financial records, including invoices and control forms

Typical Annual Responsibilities:

  • Lead annual budget development process in August
  • Present budget for approval at September PTO meeting
  • File Form 990-EZ (annual IRS information return required for 501(c)(3) groups)
  • Renew incorporation with the state
  • Facilitate annual financial review (audit)

Training and Resources:

  • Articles about treasurer topics
  • Past files and examples
  • Computer files
  • PTO Today Treasurer’s Toolkit

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