Expectations and Behavior Management

Classroom expectations in ELA are designed to be simple and lend themselves to an environment that is conducive to learning. The posted classroom rules include:

  • Arrive on time and prepared for class. 

  • Respect others, our classroom, and all learning materials.

  • If you need help, please ask for it in an appropriate way.

  • Give your best effort to everything that you do.

Rules are discussed in class and reminders are given periodically, as well. 

As a PBIS School, we try to focus on rewarding positive behavior during the school day. Our LiveSchool platform allows for teachers and other school personnel to reward students with points for displaying positive behaviors within the areas of Safety, Respect, Kindness, and Responsibility. Points are tallied at the end of each trimester and those students who fall into the top 20% of points’ recipients are able to take part in a reward event.

With that in mind, there are sometimes circumstances that warrant that consequences be given to students who break a school or classroom rule. In those instances, the school-wide discipline structure is followed, starting with a warning when a rule is broken. If the warning is unsuccessful in stopping the negative behavior, parents are notified and asked to reinforce with their child the importance of following the rules. After a third offense, parents are again contacted and a teacher-issued consequence is implemented. 

I am also piloting a new incentive system this year with Eighth Grade. Students will be able to earn “Martin & Molly Money” (named after my cats who are the subject of many stories in class) after displaying positive behavior in class. We are working together on building a menu of items that can be purchased in class using this currency, such as sitting in the “wheelie” chair or extending the due date on an assignment by one day. It is my hope that this system will work along with the LiveSchool Points incentive to provide more timely incentives in a larger variety for individual students.