This month has been an exciting month for learning in Social Studies!  

  • 8th grade has been learning about the events that lead to the Civil War.  They participated in a mock trial and on Wednesday, September 25th they got to go on the field trip to the Civil War Museum in Kenosha.
  • 7th grade has been studying the Regions of the U.S.A. and working on creating a “museum exhibit” complete with a 3-D physical map. 
  • 6th grade has been learning about Ancient Egypt.  In addition to learning about the life of the ancient Egyptians, they practiced writing hieroglyphics and created a life-size recreation of a sarcophagus!
  • 5th grade has been learning about the first Native Americans.  As they studied, they created recreations of a totem pole and teepee.  They are researching and planning for the creation of their tribes “museum exhibits”.