Enrichment is designed to be a compliment and add to the learning going on in the regular classrooms. Students who are strong workers and able to function at or near the top of the class are given additional opportunities several  times weekly to work on activities and projects that extend what they are working on in the classroom. The work they are required to do is usually deeper and more writing intensive in order to help further strengthen their communication skills.

In addition, project-based learning is offered to additional groups of students. Throughout the year groups of students are chosen based on ability and interest to participate in various cross-curricular projects in a small group setting. These projects take place outside of the regular classroom setting. The projects usually last between two and four weeks and require the students to use higher level thinking skills, collaborate with each other and use creativity to problem solve.

Enrichment also visits the classrooms on a push-in basis in order to enhance the learning going on in the various grades. These visits take place in the form of Science demonstrations, Literature extensions, and other projects designed to augment units of study already in progress within the classroom.