Why Should your Child be in Sports?

Participating on a sports team, whether it was for a single season or for most of your life, teaches you skills that can be applied throughout your life. From succeeding in school to your career as an adult, here are 5 benefits of being a part of a sports team during high school.

Helps you build character and teamwork skills

Sports teams teach you the basics when it comes to being social with others, it gets you out of your comfort zone and makes you communicate with your peers so you’re all on the same page.

How to accept a loss or disappointment with grace

In life, just like a game in sports, there is a chance that you will succeed and an equal chance that you could lose. A sports team teaches you how to respectfully conduct yourself after a loss and how to congratulate those who did succeed when you feel at your worst. This trait is one that can be applied to different aspects of your life, personally and professionally.

Teaches you how to organize your day

When you are a student-athlete, maintaining your school and sports life teaches you how to organize your day so you are successful in both. It takes some people years to learn how to organize their day-to-day life, but as a student-athlete this is one thing that you had to master ASAP.

Learning how to set goals, and achieve them

The sky’s the limit when it comes to goals in sports. Although your goals can be as far out or creative as you could think of, being on a sports team helps you create attainable goals that could be reached in a matter of weeks. By acknowledging and setting goals that you know you could make, you are teaching yourself how to slowly reach a “big goal” versus wanting to accomplish a big goal in a short amount of time. When you set your sights out to reach a big goal in a short time span, it’s more likely that you won’t reach it and could result in you giving up when you realize things won’t pan out the way you planned them to. Knowing how to properly set goals from your time in sports is an essential trait that can set you up for success in anything you do moving forward in your life.