Bill Newby

Message from GLS District 36

Superintendent of Schools
Dr. William Newby

March 1, 2020

Dear Grass Lake District #36 Students, Parents, Staff, and Community,

Now that we have completed the second trimester, let us look at the grades we might give ourselves. I would give an “A” to Ms. Plath for her selfless dedication to the betterment of students and staff at GLS, and an “A” to Kathy Mueller for her good humor and the ability to always make sure we get paid on time.  I would definitely give the staff an “A” for their enthusiasm and dedication and an “A” to the students who are showing up every day and performing to the best of their ability. As you can see it is easy to reward the effort of the “A” student.

Now, what about our B and C students? They are moving along at a good pace.  They do not disrupt the class or have all the answers.  They just sit patiently and work their way quietly through the year. We might recognize them once and awhile.  We might even display some of their work.  The question I have is “Do we challenge them?”  Do we teach them to their maximum ability?  It is easy to overlook this group of students because they are “good enough” just as they are.  The real question is, are they as great as they can be? 

This is our challenge. We must find a way to push the good student to greatness.  This applies not only to Grass Lake Elementary School students but also to all learners.  We must applaud our good students and staff yet challenge them to become great.   We must provide the stimulus, support, and opportunities that will stretch their minds and increase their ability. We must challenge them to be great.

In closing, I would challenge each of you to do two things:

           1.  Look at your good students and seek ways to make them great.

            2.  Look at yourself.  In what areas are you a good student and challenge yourself to become great.

In doing so, each of us participate in the journey of transforming GLS from a “Good” school into a “Great” school!


William Newby Ed.D.
Superintendent of Schools
Grass Lake District # 36