Mrs. Suzanne Rivera
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Hello! I'm Mrs. Rivera!

I am very excited to be working daily with struggling Math students.  You may be asking, "What does a Math specialist do?" 

On a daily basis, in small groups of students, I utilize MANY different manipulatives - iPads, dry erase boards, multicolor counters, coins, dollar money, multiplication chart, 100/200’s chart, base ten blocks, dice just to name a few.  I work with the visualization of the problem so a student can get a better, more concrete, understanding of the concept being taught.  If one way or example doesn’t work, I look for other avenues to present the standards based learning goal until the student has a better understanding of the problem.  The reason why I work with many different approaches to comprehension is because everyone learns differently - some are visual while others may be auditory.  I want my student to come away from my class with a love for Math not dread it like most adults do.  I look forward to the upcoming year and all the success your child will have working with me.    

Please feel free to contact me with any questions, comments or concerns.  Soon, I will provide information on the Common Core in case anyone is unclear about the standards. 

Mrs. Rivera
Math Specialist