Physical Education

Mrs. Juszczyk

Welcome to the Grass Lake School Physical Education Website. The theme of the year is Character Matters and we will be tying that into all of our units this year! 

The purpose of GLS Physical Education Department is to stress the importance of fitness by using cooperation. Students will develop problem solving skills and build relationships with peers through a variety of physical education activities. It is my goal to stress the importance of physical activity both inside and outside of school. Students will have the opportunity to enjoy a number of ways to learn and master new skills. Lastly, students will be in a safe, cooperative, enjoyable, and positive learning environment!!

Participation is the foundation of the program. Since children are competitive by nature our emphasis is to keep winning in perspective, encourage fair play and good sportsmanship, recognition to those who give their best effort, develop an environment where children can feel free to participate and enjoy themselves regardless of skill levels.  

K-4 Curriculum

Skill Themes and Fitness Concepts

Students will experience a developmentally designed program of skills and fitness development, including skill based practice, games, and dances.

K-4 students have PE every day. It is essential to have proper athletic shoes to participate!
Body Awareness Volleying
Balancing Dribbling
Chasing, fleeing, and dodging Transferring weight
Striking with implements (Short and long handled) Jumping and Landing
Rolling Cardiorespiratory endurance
Throwing and Catching Flexibility
Traveling Muscular Strength and Endurance

5-8 Curriculum

Engaging students in activities to promote life-long fitness is the goal for our students. Students will learn the rules, practice the skills necessary to be successful with each activity and have the chance to compete in a game like situation.

Ultimate Frisbee




Flag Football









Fitness Testing

Floor Hockey

Circuit Fitness



5-8 Student Resources

  • Students look to google classroom!

Parent Resources