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Please have your athletes prepared for all weather conditions!! T-Shirt, shorts, sweatpants, sweatshirt/hoodie, a water bottle with you name on it, dry socks, a light snack, gloves, winter hat, and running shoes. The weather may be cold and windy BE PREPARED FOR IT!! Bringing a blanket to a windy meets is a wise idea.You need to keep your body warm to be able to have a better performance that day.


April Calendar

Please note that there are 3 morning practices all other practices unless listed are after school.

Calendar dates subject to change as we look for more opportunities for our athletes to compete.

As of right now there is NO host for our Sectionals. Which means No State option for GLS at the moment.

Please check the school website often and Coach Potthast will be in contact!!

Your Coaches

Click here to contact Coach Potthast

Click here to contact Coach White