Welcome to the Grass Lake School Soccer Website. Our team roster is made up of student athletes enrolled in 5th-8th Grade at GLS.

Schedule is located amongst the main GLS Calendar with directions to the other schools located on the left side tab.  

Message from the Coach! 

My name is Frank Fracek. I am currently a Paraprofessional at Antioch Community High School, as well as the head Freshman Baseball Coach. I have been coaching at Antioch High School for over six years now, fortunately able to have coached all three levels within our baseball program. In 2016 I joined on with the Grass Lake Braves as the Head Basketball Coach- a position in which I really enjoyed and was thankful to have been offered. I have had the pleasure to now coach 3 sports at GLS and I am excited about this fall soccer season and looking forward to working with your kids. One reason I enjoy coaching sports at Grass Lake is because of how respectful the students are, and how excited they are about competing. Many would describe me as laid back and fair. I am more concerned with individual improvement than winning/losing. I believe that if we are getting better as individuals, we will get better as a group- and eventually winning will take care of itself. If you  have any questions, comments, or concerns, you can reach me at my school email address. Please feel free to email me if there is something you feel is important for me to know! 

Thank you! Go Braves!

Coach Fracek