Student Presentations with Google Cast for Education!

Student Presentations with Google Cast for Education!

Chromecast has been around a few years. We have all either done it or been with someone who has done it. Using Chromecast in the classroom for presentations in the classroom via the Google Chrome browser will streamline student presentations and maximize instructional time! Think….no more students logging into your laptop to present or having to save a presentation to a USB drive and plugging it into your laptop or….well, I think you get the idea!

Here’s how to get started!

First and FOREMOST - make sure you are logged into the Chrome Browser! This is very important for Google Cast for Education to work!!!

  1. In the top right corner of your Google Chrome screen

    • If your name appears you are good to go

    • If there is person icon, you need to click it to sign in

  2. In the sign in screen

    • enter your GLS36 email address

    • Enter GLS36 Google Account password

  3. In answer to the next question

    • Click “Link data”

Once you have done this, you are ready to proceed.

In the Chrome Browser:

  1. Click the App Launcher

  2. Click “Web Store”

  3. Search for “Google Cast for Education”

    • Make sure “Apps” is selected

  4. Click “Add to Chrome”

  • Click “Add App”
    • The app appears in the app launcher!
  • Click the Google Cast for Education icon to start using the app!

Using the app is simple!

One question K-5 teachers might have is if Google Cast will work on the student iPads. The answer is “not at this time”.  But, remember, you do have a set of classroom laptops. Students who have prepared presentations in Google Classroom or using another platform (G-Slides, Prezi, etc.) can log into the chrome browser on a classroom laptop to use cast.

I’ll be happy to assist with using Google Cast for the first time in your classroom. You can schedule a time with me by using this form.

Leave a comment and let others know how you see Google Cast for Education helping you in your classroom!

Coming Soon! ~ two video tutorials - one to show you how to use Google Cast for Education as a teacher and another to show you how to help your students use Google Cast for Education!