A Fun App for Learning to Add Fractions

A Fun App for Learning to Add Fractions

Adding Fractions can be Fun! 

Are you looking for a fun way to help your students learn to add fractions? Through a website called ipadapps4school.com, I found an app called "Fraction Mash". Here's what Richard Byrne from Free Technology for Teachers has to say about the app:

Fraction Mash is a free iPad app that provides a fun way for students to learn about fractions. The app lets students insert two pictures then divide those pictures into grids, columns, pie slices, triangles, or rows. Once their pictures have been divided students select the portions of one picture that they want to combine with the other picture. Students’ selections of image portions must equal 1 when the two images are combined. Fraction Mash lets students choose how many pieces each picture is divided into.

When students have completed their image-based fractions problems they can save them to the camera rolls on their iPads. From there they can share them with you in a variety of ways including through Google Classroom. But there is more that your students can do with the fractions mash­ups they make in Fraction Mash. Fraction Mash includes an option for students to write reports about their fraction mashes. The reports templates let students insert the images and the fraction problems they created into their reports. They can then write about the fraction problems that they created and solved. Those reports can be saved and shared with you.

How about you? Do you want to play around with Fraction Mash? Let me know in the comments below and I will send the app your way via AirWatch! Do you think it looks useful? What's an example of how you might use this app in your classroom?

Fraction Mash does offer an online classroom space, that could be used to turn student reports in. But, if you are using Google Classroom already, I would recommend having students share their work in a consistent manner.

Another resources that may be helpful can be found at this link: Noticing Tools. I found a Quick Intro Lesson Plan for introducing the app! It looks like it is all for free too! The Noticing Tools website looks like it has much more to offer then lesson plans for Fraction Mash. But that will have to wait for another Blog Post!