Getting Started with MobyMax for Teachers

Mobymax logoYou may be asking yourself, “Why should I use MobyMax with my students?” The video below is an introduction to MobyMax. It is just over five minutes long and walks you through the following:

  1. Answers the question “Why use MobyMax?”

  2. Getting Started - Student Registration

    • Lucky you! I’ve already imported all of your students into your class!

    • I would suggest you still watch this portion of the video. The information will be helpful to you if you have to add a new student to MobyMax.

  3. Student login/logout process

  4. Get immediate results-identify skill gaps

  5. Customize assigned lessons

  6. Customize assigned assessments

  7. Classroom and Motivation Tools

MobyMax Video - Getting Started

I have just started scratching the surface of what MobyMax has to offer. My plan is to keep delving into this application so I can help you use it in your classrooms. Hopefully, I will have weekly Tech Tidbits to keep our school progressing toward continuous improvement!