Our ELA classes meet two class periods daily in order to cover all of the Reading, Writing, Language, and Speaking and Listening Standards. The classes do not meet consecutively in order to provide a brain break in between sessions.  Sometimes the second class period will be a continuation of the previous class period and sometimes we will start with brand new content.

The sixth and seventh grade curricula are taught using a variety of different fiction and nonfiction texts.  We are also utilizing the Grammar for Writing textbook by Sadler, Word Cell Study by Boffardi, and Vocabulary for Achievement by Great Source. The reading textbook is called My Perspectives by Pearson. Students may keep the reading textbook on shelves in the room when not in use or not needed for homework.  In addition, we will be reading several novels in a variety of genres. Narrative, explanatory, argument, and research writing will be incorporated into reading selections or units. A poetry unit will introduce figurative language, meter and rhyme, and various formats to sixth grade. While seventh grade will review poetry concepts taught in sixth, the main emphasis will be on analyzing poetry.  Teacher-made lessons on syntax, usage, and mechanics round out the curriculum.