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Please review the video presentation of the 2016-2017 One-to-World Technology Presentation. This presentation will provide an overview of the policies and procedures outlined in the GLS Responsible Use Policy for our technology platforms. The video provides information regarding important parent consent forms that need to be submitted in order for GLS students to take full advantage of our One-to-World Technology environment.



Braves Going Above and Beyond!


GLS Offers Student Ambassador Program for New Students

New for the 2016/2017 school year will be Grass Lake School's Student Ambassadors Program, which was inspired by Kaitlyn S., a current 8th grade student. Kaitlyn explains why she was stirred to advocate for this program:

Mrs. Hageli: Tell me about the student ambassador program.

Kaitlyn: It is where students get to have a buddy. If they need help, get lost, or just need something, their buddy can help them out.

Mrs. Hageli: Why do you think it is a good fit for Grass Lake School?

Kaitlyn: When I was the new kid last year, I felt kind of left out, but with the new program, kids won't feel that way because they will already have a buddy to help them out.

Mrs. Hageli: How do you think it will impact Grass Lake School?

Kaitlyn: People will be more comfortable on their first day coming to school instead of freaking out and wondering about their experience here. they won't wonder if they are going to be left out or not. 





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