Principal's Message - Mrs. Plath

April 3, 2018

As we move into the final two months of school, I am reminded of the importance of character development and appreciation of the unique and dynamic compilation of students, parents, staff and community members that make up Grass Lake School.  Character development plays a crucial role in how we respect and treat one another.  Each individual that enters Grass Lake School contributes to our school culture and climate.  It is important for us to celebrate our differences and the unique characteristics that make us who we are.  Our personal experiences help shape and develop our personal beliefs.  Therefore in our daily interactions we should all reflect on the golden rule, “Treat others as you would like to be treated”.  As I have the privilege of working at Grass Lake School, I am reminded of the special talents and the unique contributions that radiate from everyone that is present.  By exhibiting respect and appreciating each other, everyone will reach their potential and celebrate individual contributions.

During the month of April, nationally we celebrate Autism Awareness.  In February 2018, Grass Lake Students in fifth through eighth grade participated in Autism Awareness seminars.  Students were provided with information and opportunities to discuss Autism and how it can effect a person.  In addition, students were able to view documentaries about students with Autism and how it has impacted their lives.  Please take a moment to view some of the short documentaries included below courtesy of Nicole Richter, SEDOL Behavioral Specialist.