Updates on the District Building Renovation Plan

Going, Going......Gone!!



Last report had lots of text. This time, we've got pictures to show and lots of progress to report!

First, though, this project is all about safety! No one is allowed on site without steel toe shoes and all of the safety gear!





Here's the old school going down and some of the equipment used:


And once the demolition is done, as much as possible is sorted and shipped off for recycling...

Here's where we were last week. By now the demolition is probably complete and the digging started.



Not as Quiet as it Seems

While it seems that little has been done on our addition over the past weeks, that couldn't be farther from the truth.  Like all construction projects, the appearance of the building will change in fits and starts.  Here's some of the work that's been done since the last update:
  •  All of the connections between the school and the wing that will be demolished are being cut.  Electrical, plumbing, and roofing connections are almost all cut.  Once the dozer comes in, it should be a clean demolition.
  • Doors have been placed between the school and the construction area.  Safety is key in this project and we don't want anyone in the construction site that shouldn't be there.
  • Some bad products were found in the flooring material which is making us do more hazardous material work than we expected.  This will slow things down a bit, but the contractor assures us that we will still be on schedule.
  • Just when we thought we had things under control, the AC unit that cools the basement area decided to quit.  This unit is so old that we can't even get replacement parts for it anymore.  The facilities committee has looked at the problem and it looks like we'll be redoing both the heat and air in the basement of the existing building.  Sometimes things just break.
  • A couple of smaller items too:
    • The main entrance has been moved and the parking lot in front of it will be a pretty busy place. 
    • To allow traffic a better way to turn around, some added pavement has been put down on the end.  This will most likely only be temporary, but it sure will help during the change. 
    • The parking spaces will be changed around a little with the new bus turnaround.  Take care where you park  (unless your car is a good paint match to a school bus)
Demolition of the old wing should start very soon and we'll have more pictures to share.

Going, Going,.....

The school year is over and big changes are going to be happening this summer.  The Grass Lake School addition is about to begin.  All of the paperwork is complete and soon the demolition will begin.  Some work was already completed during the winter break, but now the real fun begins.
Here's what the Art and Music room look like now:

The old wall board has been removed as well as much of the ceiling tile.  This is the original brick wall that was behind the boards.  See the steel mesh at the top with all of the concrete stuck to it?  That’s what they used to cover the old brick wall.  These boards (and the ceiling tile) were specially taken down in case there was any materials that would cause pollution.


Here is the hallway that used to lead to the main school building....

You can see that the ceiling and floor tile have all been taken out already.


So one last look at the old Grass Lake School....

It will look quite a bit different very soon!!

December 14, 2014 - Composite Drawings (click on a link for the detailed drawing):

Composite Basement Plan

Composite First Floor Plan

Basement Floor Plan

First Floor Plan

Finish Plan

On October 24, 2016, the GLS Board of Education approved to move forward with a new addition replacing the 1947 wing of Grass Lake School.  The $6,000,000 construction project is paid with 100% school fund balance.  No additional taxes were required.

Click on the photo below for the Board Presentation:

In May 2016, the Board of Education approved moving forward with a $6,000,000 renovation and addition of Grass Lake School.  The renovation would include a demolition and replacement of the original 1947 wing.

In December 2016 (over break), the encapsulated ceilings and pipes in the original 1947 wing  will be abated.