2nd Grade

We are working really hard each and every day!

Resilience, perseverance, and doing your best are important!  Keeping a Growth Mindset is crucial!

Work to Your Maximum! Try your best!

We are going to be positive, apply ourselves, always give our best effort, and know it is not the end of the world if we fail. We just try again!

Making mistakes is a great way to learn. It is normal to make mistakes as we learn new things, as long as we keep trying to get it right!

In second grade we have got what it takes!

Teacher: Mrs. Sweeney

Second Grade is SUPER Every Day!

Please send a snack each day!

Each second grader needs to bring their own healthy snack each day.

Please send fresh fruits and vegetables, crackers or granola bars, pretzels, yogurt or other easy to eat snacks. Do not send dessert items such as cupcakes, twinkies, brownies, or candy. Please also do not send very messy snacks such as peanuts in the shell, soup in thermos, or large slices of watermelon. Do not send things that need cutting or special attention. Our snack time is short (10 minutes). 

Healthy snacks will help fuel our brains for the long morning before lunch.  

Your child may bring a water bottle that has a sealed cap also, but no juice or colored drinks.

Please have gym shoes each day!

We have gym class every day, so your student needs to wear gym shoes to school or keep an extra pair in their locker in the classroom.

Our specials schedule:

Day/Time 9:15 am 12:15 2:15 Pm
Monday Art Lunch Gym
Tuesday Music Lunch Gym
Wednesday Library- Technology Lunch Gym
Thursday Music Lunch Gym
Friday Art Lunch Gym

Read Read Read

As always, practice makes perfect..... Read, read, read!

Please be sure to have your student read each evening....it will help them grow as readers, writers, speakers, and thinkers!

Birthday Invitations and Treats

We love to celebrate in the second grade classroom. Feel free to send birthday treats to share with the class on your child's birthday. We can send home invitations for you if the invitations are for all the students in the class, all the boys, or all the girls. Following the GLS handbook, we will not send exclusive invitations to only a few classmates. This could hurt feelings and contributes to poor class atmosphere. Please remember that teaching acceptance and tolerance is the best way to raise a healthy well adjusted child.

Please feel free to call or email me with any questions or concerns of any kind.

Mrs. Nicole Sweeney
Classroom Phone: (847) 395-1550 extention 5130